Review of “Made For You” by Melissa Marr

Made For You by Melissa Marr

A review by Maria.

I have been a fan of Melissa Marr and her fae stories for years. However, her newest book Made For You is completely different from anything she’s ever done before in Young Adult fiction.

Eva comes from old money, which makes her popular in her small Southern town. She’s going through the motions with her friends and her boyfriend (whom she tolerates rather than loves), living the life that’s expected of her. Eva’s the popular rich girl: attending wild parties, getting drunk all the time, and dating the perfect guy. What she really wants is for her old friend Nate to notice her as more than a friend.

However, everything changes when Eva is struck by a car. She awakens from a coma with the power to see the deaths of people who touch her, which makes her feel like she’s going crazy. In addition, Eva feels alone and ugly because of all the cuts on her face from the car crash. While she’s in the hospital she learns that Nate is also there, and they rekindle their friendship. But Eva’s far from ready to go back to her life, even more so after she learns there’s a killer out there hunting people in her social circle. This means someone might have been trying to kill her in the hit-and-run.

I thought Eva was going to be an unlikable character throughout, but the car accident compels her character and shows her to be sympathetic, strong and interesting. I really liked that every character was damaged in some way in this book before the accident and had opportunities to grow afterward. Eva grew from her visions, and the accident changed the way others viewed her and how she viewed herself. Her parents were striving to be there for her, and Nate allowed himself to open up to Eva and be close to her again. Nate and Eva both change by letting themselves care for each other.

This book was told from multiple points of view: Eva’s, her best friend Grace’s, and the killer’s. Eva’s point of view was always enlightening and helped the reader get to know her. For much of the book I didn’t care for Grace’s point of view, and thought it was unnecessary since nothing different or illuminating ever happened in her POV. However, having her point of view in there eventually helped the story’s flow.

And finally the killer’s (a.k.a. The Judge’s) point of view. This POV was very intense and creepy, something not usually seen in a YA novel. The POV really showed how crazy he was through his obsession with Eva, specifically how he feels that his victims are really love notes to Eva, “made” with the hope that she will love him back. Every murder he committed was a sacrifice to God, hoping that He would repay him with Eva. The twisted combination of murder, love, and religion in his head was unsettling to read and definitely the stuff of nightmares.

This novel was a very entertaining and creepy read. It was nice to see a true romantic-suspense book as a young adult novel. It was great to see author Melissa Marr try something new.

My rating: 3/5 stars. (I read a library copy of this book)

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