Review of “Bet Me” by Jennifer Crusie

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie A review by Vanessa.

Calvin Morrisey never wanted to ask out Minerva Dobbs. Especially not when a client makes a ridiculous bet with him that Cal can’t charm Min out of her pants. To avoid the issue Cal bets he can get her to go to dinner… When Minerva Dobbs overhears her recent ex-boyfriend making a bet with gorgeous stranger Calvin Morrisey, she sees a way out. She needs a date to her sister’s wedding, and that bet means she might be able to string Cal along long enough to get what she needs. Namely, her mother off her back. However, after one disastrous date neither has any desire to see the other again. Enter fate… When Min’s sweet best friend Bonnie, and Cal’s clueless best friend Roger look like they are about to tip headfirst into love a little too fast, things change. The two decide they are each other’s best source for making sure their friends are not about to make a huge mistake. But what are the odds that Cal can resist Min’s frustratingly attractive spunk, surprisingly sexy curvaciousness, and her amazing shoes? How can Min resist Cal’s heart-stopping looks, genuine warmth, and his strange ability to be exactly what she needs when she needs it? With jealous exes, meddling friends, expectant parents, a crazy cat, chaos theory, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Chicken Marsala in the mix, they might just end up betting on each other, and a love that neither one of them was looking for.

Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me is a fantastic read just waiting to be rediscovered. Though the book is a decade old, the read is just as enjoyable today. Crusie does an amazing job of weaving the two main characters together in an engaging, believable world, with a cast of supporting characters that have a depth of their own. Falling in love with Cal and Min is easy to do, even while both of them are fighting it at every turn. The reader can’t help but cheer for these two characters, both of whom are flawed but entirely lovable. And while seeing their love story unfold is heartwarming and scintillating, reading about their friends, and enemies, will definitely keep the reader fully invested in their happiness. Not only is the story engaging, it is genuinely funny.

The dialogue is beautifully crafted, a hallmark of Crusie’s work. It maintains the believable nature of the characters, is the cornerstone of most of the humor, and creates such a voice for the story that the reader can almost hear the characters speaking. It’s like listening in on an interesting conversation you never knew you wanted to be a part of. The read is fast mostly because once you pick it up, it’s difficult to put the book back down.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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