Review: “Sublime Wreckage” by Charlene Zapata

Sublime Wreckage by Charlene ZapataA review by Maria.

I would like to thank author Charlene Zapata for giving me a copy of her novel Sublime Wreckage to review honestly.

Some books have the power of changing perspective and impacting the heart so profoundly. I read through Sublime Wreckage in a few hours without putting it down. It made me laugh, cheer, cringe, and sob uncontrollably.

Maggie can’t wait to escape her small town and tries to keep her grades up to help her make it out. She lost her father at a young age. Her mother is mentally unstable, abusive, manipulative, and controlling.  Maggie keeps everyone at arms-length, except for her best friend, Amanda. Having had her heart broken once she has no time to spare on romance, and remains focused on her goals. But then she meets reformed bad boy Vincent and suddenly all her careful walls start to break down.

Maggie took a few chapters to really grow on me as the main character. But once I had a good idea of Maggie’s abuse, she suddenly became a completely different person for me. Instead of driven and insecure, she became strong, smart, and very brave. Her goal was to get good grades and go to college out of town and escape her life. She had a bad experience with sex before and learned that her body was important to her and she wanted to be in love first. But fearing that she wouldn’t have time, she closed herself off from love.

Vincent was just absolutely a swoon-worthy hunk of a male character. Many things he said or did would just curl my toes -usually Maggie’s too! He managed to break down some of her walls, but Maggie was smart about it and insisted they only be friends. A beautiful friendship developed between the two of them which made for an even more romantic relationship further on. It was a very slow move to romance, but very well done. And at times very hot!

The abuse in this novel is gritty, gory, and hard-core in-your-face. Child abuse is an awful subject and it is portrayed in this novel very realistically. Zapata doesn’t sugar-coat it, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. Many times the abuse scenes had me cringing, nauseous, or full out sobbing. But it made this novel real, and had a huge impact on me as a reader.

One character I absolutely adored and wished for more time with was the best friend, Amanda. This character went through a huge transformation, kind of in the background, and I’m really hoping she could eventually get her own series. Amanda was in a terrible spot being a friend to Maggie, but unable to help her.

The novel was a love story but at its core it is a story about a survivor; about a brave girl willing to overcome terrible obstacles. Maggie is a teenager, so it could be seen as a YA novel, but I would recommend that only mature teens should read it due to the content. It is absolutely worth the read.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

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