BLOG TOUR: “Riddle of Fate” by Tania Johansson

Riddle of Fate by Tania JohanssonA review by Maria.

First off a big thank you to author Tania Johansson for allowing me to read and give an honest review of her novel, Riddle of Fate.

Khaya is part of a group of people with special abilities working for The Company. She tells the future for them. But Khaya becomes a liability when she discovers she’s developed another ability, because anyone in Company history with two abilities has gone crazy and even murderous.  As Khaya starts to realize her life is in danger from the ones she trusted most, she embarks on a dangerous quest with the angelic Derrin to fight for her life and change the course of the future.

Khaya was an interesting character. She already knew she had the power of premonition and her job with the Company was foretelling the future. It was helpful, since readers missed her introduction to her first ability, when she discovered the second power and suddenly had to learn everything all over again. I really liked the interactions that Khaya had with her co-workers in the company and found myself wanting more. And I liked how very smart and distrusting Khaya was when her life became in danger. Instead of just being the too trusting heroine, she thought and used her brain, and often ran away from people trying to help her. I think the only aspect I didn’t like in reference to Khaya was her interactions with her boyfriend Brier because they always seemed lacking.

Derrin was mysterious and sexy and it took quite a while to learn anything personal about him and his past. But he was always there to be the hero for Khaya and save her from danger. Once more of his past was revealed this character really started to grow on me and I adored how he was often all-knowing but sometimes clueless at the same time. The beginning of the book was really Khaya as the main character with Derrin in the background and the second half of the book had Derrin more in the forefront as a main character while dealing with the angels. Having these two perspectives made the novel very unique and refreshing.

The story started off amazing and fairly fast paced. The writing flowed well and kept me interested. But the second half of the book delved heavily into the angel hierarchy and angel politics. It helped that the angels and the Company were both after Derrin and Khaya but the politics dragged the story down and I found myself struggling to finish the book.

Lastly, the romance was very much a background feature in this book, making it a different kind of paranormal romance story. This book was character driven which made the romance worth the wait.

I’m not sure if Johansson is making Riddle of Fate into a series or not, but I plan to read more books from this author.


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Book & Author details:
Riddle of Fate by Tania Johansson
Publication date: May 29th 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult


Khaya’s life, a life the Order say was never meant to be, is thrown into turmoil when she discovers she has a second ability. The Company who employs people like her – with rare and special abilities – insists that having more than one inevitably leads down a dark spiral into madness. So they are watching and waiting, ready to terminate her at the first sign of trouble.

Now, on the run from the Company’s agents while trying to prove her sanity, Khaya realises they are not the only ones she should fear. Angels are working towards her demise as well.

The question that haunts her is this: What did she do that was terrible enough to elicit the wrath of angels? And can she trust the mysterious Derrin, or is he the cause of all her tribulations?


Tania JohanssonI grew up in a small town called Ficksburg in South Africa and moved with my family to England aged fifteen.I then completed my schooling through a correspondence course from South Africa. This challenging time taught me a lot of self-discipline and determination. Qualities that have been invaluable while writing my first novel.

In 2004 I started studying optometry at Aston University in Birmingham, UK and currently I live and work as an optician in Kent.

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