BOOK TOUR: Review: “Part Time Cowboy” by Maisey Yates

Part Time Cowboy by Maisey Yates

A review by Maria.

I’d like to thank author Maisey Yates for allowing me to read and review her novel Part Time Cowboy and be a part of this tour.

Sadie Miller has come back to the Oregon small town where she grew up to open a bed & breakfast. She escaped her past as a teenager and now she’s back in town to deal with it. Deputy Sheriff Eli Garrett has a past of his own. He’s the caretaker and lawman to both the town and his family. Sadie was one of his first arrests a decade ago and now that she’s renting Garrett property for her B&B. Eli doesn’t want her around or any trouble she might cause being there. But they can’t avoid each other on the same property and can’t seem to stop arguing and fighting whenever they’re together. Until tensions reach a boiling point.

Sadie’s moved back home and she’s nervous because she never commits to living anywhere for long and she’s committed to a 5 year lease. She wants to try and put down some roots and make friends. She’s a career crisis counselor so she’s normally good at talking to people. But she can’t seem to talk to Eli without sticking her foot in her mouth. And she enjoys watching him squirm by all the sexual euphemisms that come up whenever they are together.

Eli was a hard character to like at first. He doesn’t do romance or the complications that comes with it. He spends all his time caring for his widowed brother and younger sister. He’s borderline OCD with the need to have his home and person clean all of the time. Yet he also works on the family ranch and helps keep it afloat. He doesn’t like change or having people around. He’s awkward, and tends to miss obvious things, like Sadie’s euphemisms. But despite his unapproachability as a character I liked how much he sacrificed to care for his family. Having Sadie around to muck up his well ordered life made for great character growth for Eli.

I liked how both of these characters were broken only they didn’t even know how broken they were before they found each other. Sadie dealt with a childhood of domestic abuse and acted out as a teenager as an outlet for her anger. She doesn’t form attachments for fear of being hurt. Eli’s not prepared to love in case he loses it. He’s structured and clean because those are the only things he could control during his own troubled childhood.

When characters start out hating each other sometimes that makes the steamiest of romances and in Sadie and Eli’s case, it was explosive. Some great arguments and tension throughout this book culminate in a great passion between these characters.
I am eager to read more in this series about the Garrett family!


Rating: 3.5/5 stars.

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