Review: “Broken” by Kelly Elliott

Broken by Kelly ElliottA review by Julie.

When Layton Morris loses his brother Mike in a horrible accident and the girl he loves leaves at the same time, he survives by throwing himself into the ranch that he and his brother had dreamed of their entire lives. He swears to never give his heart to anyone again. Whitley Reynolds follows her high school sweetheart, Roger, to New York City, full of hope for their future together. The first time he hits her, she forgives him. When it continues and steadily gets worse, Whitley withdraws from friends and family more and more. Eventually, she reaches her breaking point and finds the courage to do what she never thought she could. Will either of them find a way to love or trust again?

I chose this book because the plot sounded interesting and dramatic, and it did start out that way. I enjoyed the way the two main characters took turns took turns telling the story, trading points of view for each chapter. I really felt for both Layton and Whitley; the descriptions of their lives were done very well.  I was really drawn into the story and read almost half of the book the first night. Then came the sex. Several chapters of nothing except sex. I felt these chapters were too graphic, and after a couple of chapters became overdone. I wound up skimming those chapters to see if the story would come back into play. The drama does come back and the language stays a little too graphic, but not consistently. I got wrapped up in the story and it became interesting again. The rest of the book was finished quickly. What I thought was the epilogue, however, was actually the beginning of the next book in the series. If some of the sexier chapters were tied into more of the story, or at least spread out through the book, I would have given it a better rating.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

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