BOOK TOUR: Review: The “Earth Reclaimed” Trilogy by Ann Gimpel

Earth Reclaimed Trilogy by Ann GimpelA review by Amanda.

I would like to thank author Ann Gimpel for the opportunity to review all three books in the Earth Reclaimed trilogy: Earth’s Requiem, Earth’s Blood and Earth’s Hope. I was given free copies of these books in exchange for an honest review.

Aislinn’s world ended the day the dark gods announced their presence to the humans of Earth. The six gods killed with impunity and only another race of god-like creatures, called the Old Ones, offer any chance of survival. Unfortunately, their help comes with a heavy cost. The Old Ones are only interested in humans who have an affinity for magic; all others, along with any who refuse to work for them, are killed. Aislinn’s father was killed the day that the dark gods came. Her mother cannot handle his death and is culled by the Old Ones in order to force Aislinn to do their bidding. Three years later, she is doing exactly that, surviving the only way she knows how. Her losses have built a wall around her heart, a wall that seems impenetrable until she meets a talking wolf named Rune and a handsome Hunter named Fionn.

Aislinn allies herself with Rune, Fionn, and Fionn’s Celtic kin in order to save Earth. Despite her efforts to avoid emotional attachments, she finds herself caring about this motley group more than she thought was possible. Now, they are in a race to save the planet from vile, conniving beings.

The first book, Earth’s Requiem, started out moving quickly. Beginning the night that the dark gods appear, it jumped to Aislinn’s involuntary recruitment into the Old Ones army, and then to “present” day. It was written as though the reader had knowledge of the world and events and it took me roughly a third of the book to get a handle on the world-building. Once I had the hang of it, my attention was held fast. Book two, Earth’s Blood, picked up right where book one left off. . The last book, Earth’s Hope, transitions just as smoothly. Each book introduced new characters and backstories. All three books are told in third person and each adds perspective from different characters, which gives the reader access to information they would not get otherwise.

The author built her post-apocalyptic world from existing mythology and included Celtic, Norse, and Greek. The characters were all distinct, flawed, and rich in personality. Aislinn in particular was stubborn and distrustful in the beginning, but those who earned her loyalty had it for good. She was no damsel in distress and insisted on being an equal partner from the start. She clashed with Fionn and his old-fashioned sensibilities quite a bit at first, but refused to give way. I liked this story tremendously, although it did take a little while to draw me in.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

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One thought on “BOOK TOUR: Review: The “Earth Reclaimed” Trilogy by Ann Gimpel

  1. Thank you so much for hosting me and for taking a chance on a new-to-you author with three full length books! You are one gutsy gal! One of the very best parts of these virtual tours is all the wonderful blogs I discover along the way. Thanks again for your support and a review that warms my heart.


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