Review: “Baxter’s Draw” by Juliette Harper

Baxter's Draw by Juliette HarperA review by Maria.

I would like to thank author Juliette Harper for giving me the opportunity of continuing to read and review her Lockwood Legacy series with the second book, Baxter’s Draw.

Baxter’s Draw picks up not long after the first book Langston’s Daughters left off. The sisters: Kate, Jenny, and Mandy are now living on the ranch together and caring for each other as sisters again. Jenny and Mandy are both in relationships. But the sister’s still have questions about their father’s life and death. Now archaeologist Jake Martin enters their lives to study the land they own up in Baxter’s Draw.

This book delved even deeper into the mystery and violence than the last book. Questions still surround their father’s death and the body count since. Now the stakes are even higher for the sister’s with someone watching their every move. The danger was intense and kicked up a notch in Baxter’s Draw. The mystery kept me guessing as a reader.

Family was a recurring theme as the sister’s start relying on each other more. I really enjoyed their relationship as well as their banter. It was real and heartwarming. The girls also get to know more about their father and shed light onto the cruel and unloving man they knew.

Kate was the central sister in this novel and this book delves more into her independent and loner nature. She has an attraction with Jake and it’s nice to see that friendship blossom. She’s a strong, smart and brave woman and I enjoyed having her as the main character in this book. However, her romance was very much downplayed while Jenny’s and Mandy’s relationships were holding most of the romantic side of things in this book.

On a funny note, I kept noticing in both Baxter’s Draw and Langston’s Daughters that the author seemed very fond giving all of her male characters names beginning with the letter J. Sometimes it was confusing as a reader since I would get the names mixed up, especially now that all three love interests are introduced in this book. However, the author choose to draw attention to it herself by having Kate refer to the men as “the three Jays.”

This book was a short southern romantic suspense novel building again on the ties of family. With two books under my belt on this series, I have enjoyed them immensely.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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