Review of “Grounded” by Heather Young-Nichols

"Grounded" by Heather Young-NicholsA review by Julie.

I want to thank the author for allowing me the pleasure of reading and reviewing Grounded.

Alyssum Bracken is a Gremalian. She has set out on a journey to find Jensen Burkhardt, the long-lost son of her dad’s long time friend. The Gremalians and Gobels have been feuding over copper for many years. It has escalated into a very probable war between the two races and Alyssum needs Jensen, who has hopefully inherited his father’s powers, in order to win the war.

Aric, a Gobel, has gotten there ahead of Alyssum and has already developed a friendship with Jensen. Alyssum finds that Aric is actually not the enemy and he is risking not only his life but a chance to go back to his home in order to save both races from war. The three of them decide to work together, with Alyssum developing two very different relationships with both Aric and Jensen. With the possibility of war, this almost becomes too much for her. Will they be able to save the races or even survive the coming war?

This book seemed more like a love story than a war story at first. Throughout the story there was friction between the three of them while Alyssum decided how she felt about both men. The ending is where the war really got going and the story was very well-written. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see where these relationships go and what happens next.

My rating: 4 /5 stars.

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