BOOK TOUR Review: “Rarity” by D.A. Roach

Rarity by D.A. Roach A review by Domoni.

First I would like to thank the author for the chance to review this book and be a part of this book tour.

Brogen is an empath; she is affected by the moods of those around her. She is also in high school. Trying to walk through the halls with all of the drama is not what she enjoys most in life. Her psychiatrist mom is empathic too so she helps Brogen learn how to tune out other people’s emotions and center herself. Brogen’s one true friend Meg, really seems to get her. Meg doesn’t buy into the teen drama game either so the girls are a great match and really help each other. When junior year starts and two new kids start really making waves in Brogen’s life, things get interesting.

Jay is the hot new guy who just moved in with his cousin. Being new and attractive makes him the new shiny object to all the girls in school, especially Becca the pretty blonde is also new in town. She has her eye set on Jay and everyone else should beware. When a crazed dog is about to attack Brogen on her evening run she is saved by Jay, and everything changes dragging Brogen into the world of high school drama she tried so hard to ignore. Jay definitely makes things difficult for her. As they get closer, Jay opens up about his life. Now Brogen knows how affected he is over the loss of his mother at such a young age and his father’s turning to alcohol over his son to deal with his grief. She feels as though they have a deep connection. When Jay is diagnosed with the condition that killed his mother, his emotional tail spin sends him out of control and he pushes Brogen away. With Becca circling Jay and lashing out at her, is it worth it to Brogen to walk through all the pain and difficulties it will bring to be a part of his world?

I loved this story. The characters are so vivid, it is easy to get into their emotional space.  Brogen is a caring sweet girl who doesn’t want to make waves.  She is happy with her life. A close relationship with her mom and her BFF Meg is enough to keep her fulfilled, but when Jay saves her a bond is formed that she just can’t ignore. It is easy to feel her frustration and fears. Jay is complex and charismatic. His reaction to life is mostly positive when everything around him can be negative. He of course struggles with reconciling his emotions over the young death of his mother and his father’s alcoholism. When he gets devastating news it makes sense that he would spiral.

How Jay and Brogen connect and interact is very fluid. It isn’t a pretty little love story that follows the path of boy meets girl and life moves along merrily. They are real characters with realistic emotions. As a reader I was drawn deep into them, feeling anger, joy and fear as the story progressed. The author painted a realistic picture of living through a life changing diagnosis. Instead of characters that wallowed in it, he wrote a beautiful touching story about learning to live in spite of it.

This book touched me and I appreciated the end section that breaks down information on Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  It is important that he wrote a story about a person with this condition, but the story is not about the condition.

My rating: 5 /5 stars.

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