Review: “Breaking the Storm” by Sedona Venez

Breaking the Storm by Sedona VenezA review by Vanessa.

Stormy Creedence is tough.  She is determined to take over control of her family’s escort business and keep it as classy, upscale, and well-known in the supernatural community as it has always been.  But there is a problem.  Stormy is a business woman, but she also happens to be a half werewolf, fae-witch whose family history is little bit…. cloudy.  For centuries, the Creedence fae-witches have had horribly cursed love lives.  In the past, falling in love with a human always seemed to end in the mysterious death of their lover, for which the Creedence women were inevitably blamed.  Pairing up with another supernatural has had its issues as well as the Creedence fae-witches are not exactly beloved, considering the turmoil of their romantic history.  None of that matters to Stormy though because she is determined to avoid love entirely.  That becomes rather difficult when a romantic blast from her past blows back into her life in a big way… and he does not seem all that happy to see her.

Knox was the one man who might have captured Stormy’s heart.  Now a hot shot rockstar, he seems to be in good with one of Stormy’s family’s top clients; a big Alpha werewolf with very specific tastes.  Stormy is supposed to provide a she-wolf for Knox, but Knox has some other ideas.  He wants Stormy, and a chance to remind her that she never should have walked away.  Stormy does not want to risk Knox’s life by putting him in danger of her family’s curse.  The death of another human would be the worst thing for her and certainly for her family’s business, which seems to be suffering from several mysterious setbacks.  But with Knox, and something unknown pursuing Stormy, she might just have to make a choice she never thought she would make.

This book is an intriguing genre blend that took a little time and an open mind to really begin to enjoy it.  The supernatural/paranormal aspects place it firmly in the urban fantasy type of general read.  However, it blends in some interesting aspects of the fetish community that focuses on dominance and submission play.  The content is not overwhelming but a little surprising since the initial pages seem to be focusing on Stormy’s family, and the romantic beginnings of Stormy and Knox.  It takes a little bit of a left turn when the romantic interest between them flares up again, but overall the BDSM content does seem to add some spice and depth to the general story line.  It can be a struggle at first, since Stormy is being presented as a competent, likable, strong character who is independent and tough.  When Knox comes along, flaring up all of Stormy’s insecurities about love and her family’s curse, he pushes a little hard to get her into his world where he is the Dominant and she is the submissive.  Inevitably, of course, Stormy finds herself liking the experience.  As the reader, that aspect can be a little jarring because we want her to fight and to retain her strength and self-respect.  Knox can come across as overbearing, and as a romantic lead I was worried that he would become an albatross for our leading heroine.  But the fascinating push and pull of the romantic story line stays more balanced than one might expect.  In addition, the supporting characters like Stormy’s cousin and co-owner of the family business Light, and Knox’s alpha werewolf friend Ryker, add depth and variety that keeps the romantic entanglement from being the sole focus of the story.  And the villains are just as interesting and varied as well.


My rating: 3.5 /5 stars.

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