Review of “Divulge” by C.M. Boer

Divulge by C.M. BoersA review by Julie.

First, I would like to thank the author for allowing me the pleasure of reading this book. This is the second book and this review may contain spoilers from book one, Obscured.

Abby and Eli are finally getting back to normal and looking forward to going on a real date. The problems with Pete have been solved, or so they think. Then, they find out that Pete has disappeared and taken Ren with him. They need to go to Colorado to find him but Abby feels her mom will stand in her way. Thankfully, Abby’s mom believes her story and lets her go to Colorado. When they get there, a missing person pulls Eli away from her but Abby dons a new outlook on life and gets the opportunity to make some new friends. When she has a second nightmare come true, her feelings of impending doom are strong. Will those feelings bring Eli back to her in time to save her? Abby just might be in over her head this time…

This book was just as enjoyable as the first book, Obscured, and I loved it. Abby and Eli were connected by their strong feelings for each other and their added powers (Abby sees the future in her nightmares and Eli is able to find her wherever she is and knows when she is need). They reacted, sometimes, the way teens normally deal with the serious problems. Abby doesn’t always make the best choices, which makes her easier to relate to.

I can’t wait to read more books by C.M. Boer.

My rating: 5 /5 stars.

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