Review: “Alive” by Scott Sigler

"Alive" by Scott SiglerA review by Amanda.

The last thing she remembers is going to bed the night before her twelfth birthday. She can’t move. She can’t see. She doesn’t remember her own name. Bars are holding her in place, and she soon realizes that she’s not in a bed – she’s encased in something eerily similar to a coffin. Terror seizes her and adrenaline aids her in breaking free. The letters M. Savage are engraved on the coffin – is that her name? Muffled yelling catches her attention – there are eleven coffins in the room besides hers and she is able to help five others escape theirs, introducing herself as “Em.” None of them remember their names or anything concrete about their lives or how they came to be in this place. All of them think they are twelve years old but appear to be nineteen or twenty. Each has a different initial and last name engraved on their prisons. Leaving the room only brings more questions, as the corridors are filled with disintegrated bodies. For some reason, the others trust Em to find answers and lead everyone to safety. No pressure…

This book captivated me from the very beginning. Told from Em’s perspective, the reader only knows what she does. She has only vague impressions, gut feelings, and flashes of memories to guide her and the reader is along for the ride. The author does a fantastic job of keeping you guessing the entire time. This story is creepy in a way that might cause readers to put the book down at night, while also compelling them to pick it back up as soon as daylight hits the next day. Em is an intriguing character. She doesn’t know what kind of a person she is and her decisions are initially formed based on appearing strong and doing whatever it takes to stay alive. A fine line is walked with these characters who are mentally and emotionally pre-teens but are physically and hormonally adults. Attraction between some characters is expected and acknowledged without any “ick” lines being crossed. I would recommend this story to fans of the sci-fi/horror crossover genre. This is the first in a trilogy and I am eagerly awaiting the second book!

My rating: 4.5/5 stars.

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