Review: “Paulina and Fran” by Rachel B. Glaser

"Paulina and Fran" by Rachel B. GlaserA review by Julie.

First, thank you to the author, Rachel B. Glaser for allowing me to review her book Paulina and Fran.

Paulina and Fran do not pay much attention to what happens after college. Pauline is a pretty, mean girl who enjoys sex. She likes to be in charge and has a devil-may-care approach to life. Fran is quiet, sweet, and innocent in the ways of sex. They both attend the same art school. On a class trip to Norway, Paulina and Fran spend more time together and end up drawn towards one another in an imbalanced friendship, with romantic undertones. Their bond is strong but not without problems. Fran begins dating Paulina’s discarded boyfriend and a vengeful Paulina sets out to destroy the couple.

The book goes between the two girls in their lives after school, each having their own troubles, with thoughts of the other occasionally in their heads. This leads them back towards each other; is it love or something else?

Paulina was uncaring in how she treated people. It’s difficult to imagine someone as vindictive as she was existing in real life. She acted haughty towards everyone she met, including the person giving her the chance to develop her hair products. Paulina’s attitude came across as very juvenile, and as a mature reader I found it difficult to enjoy the story.

My rating: 2.5/5 stars.

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