Review of “I Am Titanium” by John Patrick Kennedy

"I Am Titanium" by John Patrick KennedyA review by Domoni.

I would like to thank the author John Patrick Kennedy for the chance to read his novel in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Pax is dying. He has spent his life since he was 6 in the hospital slowly dying. But he lives on the Astral Plane. No one believes him except Scarlett, who can actually see his astral form. When he goes to the astral plane he is not sick. His body is the strong teenage body he should have and not the weak wasting body lying in the hospital bed. As his human form lies taking its final heart beats Pax meets with his mentor “Terry” on the astral plane. Terry tells him he cannot heal him, but he can save him. He creates an astral body for Pax that can walk the Earth. The process causes havoc in the hospital which kills Scarlett so Terry takes advantage of that and creates an astral body for her too. This is the perfect way to keep “Lana” another astral entity close.  In all of the confusion and change Pax and Scarlett do not understand what their new forms can do. Pax accidentally kills his mother and Scarlett kills many innocents in the hospital and outside. Terry cleans the mess up, but in many ways the damage is done.

Terry and Lana are on a mission to see if Earth and all of humanity should be cut off from the astral plane for eternity. Lana hates humans for an attack on her eons ago. She finds them all to be dark and murderous. As soon as she enters Scarlett, she is essentially proven right. The girl is full of darkness and malice. Terry claims to love the humans and only wants to prove they can be good, but even though he appears to be looking out for the teens, things seem off. Then Pax notices the tentacles. Black tendrils of hate and corruption, they seem to want to control the humans. And they are doing a good job of it too.

I wanted to love this story. Typing this up I realize that I love the idea of this story very much. The execution I am not so sure about. It was very difficult to read at times. I did not feel that the author gave me enough of a connection to the characters. They felt very two dimensional to me. The terminally ill boy and the girl who loved him, I wanted so much more from that.  In the beginning we got a clear image she loved him but it seemed as though he only tolerated her because she was the person who actually visited, then suddenly they are having violent sex in the middle of central park. It didn’t make much sense to me. The book did somewhat improve as I made my way through it. The story just feels very rushed through and at times disjointed. As if he only had time to put down half the book.  If it could be filled with more things that connect me to the characters and stories I would enjoy it much more.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

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