Review of “Size 12 Is Not Fat” by Meg Cabot

Review of "Size 12 Is Not Fat" by Meg Cabot A review by Vanessa.

Heather Wells “just has one of those faces.” Or at least that is what she keeps telling everyone who thinks they know her. Because they do know her, former teen pop sensation that she is, but Heather is just as happy remaining unknown. The reason she is not as recognizable may, or may not, have something to do with the weight she has gained in the last few years, or the break up with her still popular boy band sensation boyfriend, Jordan Cartwright. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t sing anymore, not in public, and instead she works as assistant director of the Fischer Hall residence hall, at New York College. After finding Jordan in flagrante with the new pop-sensation Tania Trace, Heather left her old life behind. Now Jordan’s super-hot, much more level headed, older brother Cooper has offered her a place to stay in return for keeping the books for his PI business. Cooper is just what Heather needs; except for the part where he is utterly clueless about her feelings.
That’s okay though, because Heather has other things to worry about. Two girls in her residence hall have apparently fallen to their deaths while elevator surfing, but Heather has some doubts. She knows the residents in her hall, and those girls were not the miscreant elevator surfing types. When she takes her suspicions to Cooper and the police, she is of course rebuffed as an overzealous amateur sleuth. While dodging the sudden unwanted return of her ex, Heather is just trying to make it through her probationary period at work so she can take advantage of the free tuition to get her degree. But she can’t just sit back and watch more of her students die. In a series of mishaps
and happenstance luck, Heather is hot on the trail of what she suspects is a murderer. But she may just be standing in the way of danger, and she’s the only one who can figure it all out.

Meg Cabot, as always, has created a funny, quirky, and likable set of characters and thrown them into an interesting mystery plot that is unendingly entertaining. Heather is sweet, and endearing, while managing to be slightly neurotic, admirably brave, and determined. Her one flaw might be the flaky nature of her desires and her tendency to obsess over her romantic entanglement with Cooper. However, she highlights the fascinating aspects of the capably incapable heroine. With a family history that could make anyone cringe, Heather as a character still manages to be plucky without being annoying. Her life is what it is, and though she wishes it were different, she’s not exactly one to sit around moping about it. She knows what she wants, even though it changes frequently, and she knows what she has to do, even when she doesn’t want to. But her determination makes her an utterly likable heroine, and her weight struggle is an all-too-relatable aspect of her story. Her interest in Cooper is understandable. He is handsome, mysterious in certain ways, and believably skeptical of Heather’s ideas. But when it comes to being there for her, he never fails. Accompanied by a cast of interesting and equally quirky characters, Heather and Cooper are an interesting dynamic in the story. Cooper has already figured his life out and knows who he is, and Heather just wants that same surety. And she doesn’t think it should have to include losing any weight to find herself again. This books is a terrific set up for the series, with a solution to the mystery but plenty of potential for the characters moving forward. I’m hooked.

My rating: 4.5/5 stars.

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