Review of “Blood Rose” by Danielle Rose

"Blood Rose" by Danielle Rose A review by Domoni.

Avah Taylor has trained her whole life for one thing: to hunt and kill vampires. Her coven, like all witches, despise them and want to rid the world of the foul beings. The only witch in her coven with the power of Spirit, which enables her to slightly control all the elements, she must rely on her senses and reflexes more than magic. Chosen to receive The Power, given by the gods to one witch in each generation, she hopes she will be the one to finally destroy all vampires. Every previous generation has died before being able to master The Power. On the night of her birth rite ceremony her coven is attacked by vampires and then saved by other vampires. Avah is dying and begs to be saved. Now she is a vampire and turned out by her family, forced to go with the creatures she despises. Why did they save her and her coven? And why is Avah so drawn to Jasik, the vampire that saved her. She is forced to accept that everything she thinks she knows may not be true.

I very much enjoyed this story. Following Avah’s transformation from witch to vampire to hunter is exciting. It evokes the battle with one’s own self that many people deal with when they find themselves stuck in a place they do not want to be, and learn they were wrong about many things. Avah hates all vampires and has only ever been told that they are evil and must die. As she learns the truth and accepts who she has become, I found I liked her character more. The hunters and the coven of vampires they protect are a very civilized society with its owns rules not unlike the coven Avah knew as a witch. Their battle against the rogues, the vampires that are everything Avah thought all vampires were, is the same battle she had always fought.

The romance between Avah and Jasik is interesting but not my favorite part of the story. It was very much a romance novel type of interaction. They were just drawn to each other with no real explanation other than a momentary mention of a sire bond popping through Avah’s thoughts. This pinpoints the parts of the story I was disappointed in. I wanted more depth to some areas. I loved the story I just felt like I wanted more information; more history to Avah’s life in the Coven, the feud with the vampires, the basics of transformation and sire bonds. I felt like things were rushed. Avah barely questioned what happened and just ran off with the vampires without much argument and settled in in one night. The story up until she reached the vampire compound felt like a basic synopsis and I wish it had more depth. Once she arrived there the story got much better and I was sucked into the world and loved it. I am very much looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

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