Review: “More Than Once” (Chasing the Dream #4) by Elizabeth Briggs

"More Than Once" by Elizabeth Briggs A review by Amanda.

Becca Collins and Andy West were introduced to each other in More Than Comics (Chasing the Dream #2). Andy had just proposed to his ex-girlfriend, Tara, and Becca was trying to get her life together after leaving her band under less than ideal circumstances. They shared a fabulous night together, and neither expected to see the other again. Flash forward five months, to Dallas, Texas, where Becca is working in a department store on Christmas Eve. The customers are rude, her boss hates her, and the only thing getting her through the shift is knowing that her parents are finally going to meet her boyfriend, Brett, that night. If she can show them that she’s growing up and settling down, they’ll help her pay for college. Unfortunately, Brett has other ideas about their future together and he breaks up with her via phone call on her break. The last thing she’s expecting, on this awful day, is for her former one night stand to show up at her register. Five minutes of awkward conversation gets Becca hot and bothered – and fired.

Andy, who goes by Andrew now, hasn’t forgotten Becca. That one night five months ago was the first time he’d felt comfortable being himself in the bedroom. He knows he should’ve called when he moved to Dallas, but his heart was still hurting from Tara’s rejection and he wasn’t sure that Becca would want to hear from him anyway. He’s just as surprised as she is when he runs into her at the store. He feels terrible when she’s fired right in front of him, so he follows her to the parking lot to apologize. Becca doesn’t want an apology, but she does want that money for college. Reluctantly, Andrew agrees to be Becca’s pretend boyfriend at dinner, but only after she agrees to go on a real date with him.

I recently reviewed More Than Comics and jumped at the opportunity to read another book by Elizabeth Briggs. I was eager to find out what had happened between Andrew and Becca in San Diego. The sexual tension and vulnerability between the characters brought a delightful edge to a quick, fun read. Familiar faces make an appearance, which always feels like a special treat. The alternating narration really made a difference by allowing the reader to see the same events from different perspectives, and made it easy to follow the characters’ growth and developments. As in More Than Comics, much of the drama came from miscommunication and assumptions, which felt predictable. The sex scenes were frequent, quite steamy, and very lightly BDSM-oriented. I enjoyed this book as much as the last, and will continue to read more from this author.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

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