Review of “How to Survive a Horror Movie” By Seth Grahame-Smith

Review of "How to Survive a Horror Movie” By Seth Grahame-Smith A review by Danielle.

How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith takes the reader through a gripping laugh inducing thrill ride by bringing the reader into a different universe the, Terrorverse. In the Terrorverse all your favorite horror movies are not only real they are constantly running, it’s like Disney World for horror movie junkies only in this world if you don’t watch your step or know the rules of the game you can easily become just another character in the body count. Breaking down the book into horror movie sub-genres author Seth Grahame-Smith walks you through how best to recognize what type of horror movie you are in, identify which stereotypical character you might be and goes over the rules to staying alive and with a little luck you can make it all the way to the rolling credits. With a beautiful forward written by the late and great father of horror Wes Craven this book has some serious street cred.

As a fellow horror movie junkie I could not wait to get this book. I was not disappointed. The way Seth Grahame-Smith transforms a movie genre into a physical space, The Terrorverse, is just riotously funny. The writing style is well crafted with great pictures to illustrate what’s being said and has been done in movies in the past. Some of it is incredibly gory, but hey this is a book about horror movies not kittens (though there is a section about evil cats) I also learned about a few horror movies and sub genre’s I hadn’t heard of before. Hooray for new things right?

Grahame-Smith divides the book into sections and makes his way through virtually every genre and sub-genre of the horror movie scene. Grahame-Smith Describes in detail how not to become just another dismembered body in your favorite movie. What is truly unique is how the author seems to pull you into the movies so you really feel like you’re suddenly a part of the movies we all loved watching growing up, but then you remember the survival statistics for the characters of this movie and suddenly you are desperate to gobble up all the info to stay alive.

If you love all things scary and don’t just wait for Halloween to roll around once a year to break out the mayhem and frights, this book is for you. I laughed my butt off nonstop and was sad when I had finished the book. I will definitely be looking into a few other books this author has written.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

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