Review of “Irredeemable Volume 1” by Mark Waid and Peter Krause

Review of "Irredeemable Volume 1" by Mark Waid and Peter Krause A review by Courtney.

I wanted to read Irredeemable because it is written by a guy and the main character is also a guy. Irredeemable is not a comic book I would generally pick up, however it was recommended by a friend of mine so I gave it a shot. The book does start with an introduction explaining exactly what the book is and it does not stray from that. I was still not quite expecting the darkness that awaited me within the first couple of pages.

Irredeemable is the story of a superhero, Plutonian, turned rogue; it’s about how bad a superhero can go before he is irredeemable. Plutonian has all the strengths and powers of Superman in that he can fly, is bulletproof, he has heatray vision, and he’s basically Captain Awesome until he decides not to be. I was intrigued when I started reading chapter two and got more of Plutonian’s back story and we learned more about what made him go dark, but it didn’t really provide me with enough information on his motivations for his transformation.

I had a hard time reading this volume because I didn’t like the main character. The premise of the book is very interesting but I couldn’t connect with Plutonian and I like to be able to at least understand where the main character is coming from. Irredeemable is dark, which is the way its supposed to be, it was just darker material than I generally like to read. Plutonian basically destroys as many people as he can; whether they be young, old, attempting to help him, attack him, or simply existing. The level of violence was double-edged for me because on one hand I wanted to see how bad it would get out of morbid curiosity and on the other hand I had a hard time continuing reading it because of the lack of understanding I had for Plutonian’s motivation.

I would recommend this volume to adults who have a darker sense of humor because of the level of violence.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

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