Review: “Kitchen Overlord: Colorable Compendium of Geek History” by Chris-Rachael Oseland and Tom Gordon

Review: "Kitchen Overlord: Colorable Compendium of Geek History" by Chris-Rachael Oseland and Tom Gordon A review by Domoni.

I want to thank the creators of this book for allowing me the chance to give it an honest and unbiased review.

This is a coloring book. It is also a trip through time. Plus there is food! What could make it better? It is all about the awesome geeky things I love. Created by the authors of the Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook, this is a work of art. Beginning with Prehistory and a nod to all things geeky and medieval then wrapping up with the year 2013 and the fantastic show Sleepy Hollow, each page is a fun drawing of geek culture staples mixed with food. The illustrations are comical and more like caricatures than true depictions, but what you are looking at is unmistakeable.

Each page has a year and a few lines about that particular creation. A few years get multiple pages, like Doctor Who, which began in 1963 and has continued on for more than 50 years. All the well known favorites are in there. You have pages for Star Wars, Star Trek, Monty Python, Indiana Jones, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Princess Bride. If Ghostbusters or Gremlins are not for you, turn to the page for Beetlejuice. If the page for Firefly isn’t making you feel shiny, turn back to 1993 to see what Jack and Sally are up to. All of the drawings brought a smile to my face and I know I will spend many hours filling this book with colors and happiness. It has a page for everything I could think to ask for and a few things I have not heard of, future fandom ideas ahead.

This fun adult coloring book would be an excellent gift to give to any geek.  Even if they never color it I know they would appreciate it. If they are a chef, they will love the little touches and you could win bonus points. I have had so much fun flipping through it and recommend it to everyone.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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