REVIEW: “F**king Through the Apocalypse” by Jason Werbeloff

F**cking Through the Apocalypse by Jason Werbeloff A review by Domoni.

When I purchased this story, the title and synopsis made me giggle. I expected satire and humor. When an 89 year old man decides to pass the time waiting for the end of the world by opening a brothel, I saw no other way for this story to be written.  So when I sat down to read it and was suddenly just sad, I was rather surprised.

Harold knows the world is ending. There are only a matter of days left. He had prepared for it so he has no real need to leave his home. Yet he is still in mourning for his wife so one day he realizes he wants to go out for some flowers; Fanny always had fresh flowers on the table. He sets out to leave his home for the first time in months. The world outside is stark. People afraid to face the end have fled or taken their lives. The businesses are closed and the streets are lined with the corpses of jumpers. When a young boy propositions him, Harold takes pity on the kid and takes him back to his home to give him a coat.

The next day the boy is back. This time with another working boy who is near frozen to death. Harold warms them both up and they come to an arrangement. The boys can bring their johns to his place and in return give Harold a cut of the money. Money is not something needed in the end of the world but the boys refuse to stop working and as in all situations, sex sells.

This end of the world tale makes sense. Though I expected some strange silly story about a man’s lifelong dream to open a brothel, what I got was a sad story about a man seeking forgiveness the only way he knows how. He pushed away his son for being gay, now at the end of the world he shelters and cares for these two young gay men who have no one else. This wasn’t the read I expected, but I enjoyed it none the less.


My rating: 4/5 stars.

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