Review: “Touching Evil” by Kylie Brant

Touching Evil by Kylie BrantA review by Amanda.

Touching Evil begins a few days after the end of Chasing Evil. Mason Vance, the man who kidnapped Dr. Sophia Channing, is behind bars but his accomplice is still out there. Agent Cam Prescott of Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation hasn’t slept much since Sophia was found. He has made himself responsible for her safety and is keeping her in protective custody at his place, fearing that Vance’s unidentified partner may come back to finish the job. They’re right to take precautions, but Sophia isn’t the doctor who catches the partner’s attention… Medical Examiner Lucy Benally is. Cam and Sophia have their work cut out for them as more questions arise and everything turns upside down.

The second book in the Circle of Evil trilogy was even more thrilling than the first. I couldn’t put it away, reading far past my bedtime. Picking up right where book one left off, “Touching Evil” was non-stop action and mystery. I appreciated getting to see Cam and Sophia dealing with the trauma. My biggest issue from the first book, Cam’s sexist attitude, was less obvious this time around. Sophia showed believable signs of being affected by the trauma she had experienced, which is something some authors tend to gloss over. She was still able to function and assist in the investigation, despite Cam’s protests and her fears. Lucy’s background was somewhat of a cliché but still added much-needed depth to her character. The plot had a few surprising twists that I didn’t see coming and the cliffhanger ending has guaranteed that I will read the last book in the trilogy.


My rating: 4/5 stars.

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