REVIEW: “Iron Assassin” by Ed Greenwood


The Iron Assassin by Ed GreenwoodA review by our new reviewer, Hannah!

Welcome to a world where Queen Victoria has ascended the throne several times.  If her son, the Prince Regent, does not inherit the crown there will be war.  Jack Stracker, a.k.a. Lord Templeton, is a Dread Agent for the Crown.  He creates a re-animated, clockwork enhanced corpse, the Iron Assassin, to protect the Prince Regent.  Unfortunately The Ancient Order of the Tentacle steals the Iron Assassin in order to kill the Prince Regent and place their own contender for the crown in charge of the empire.

This book should have been a grand slam for me. Steampunk, Victorian(ish) London, secret orders and a reanimated corpse, these are all things I love to read about. Sadly, this was a difficult book to read.  Scenes were rushed and confusing.

At the beginning of the book, the Dread Agents are having a meeting.  In walks the Prince Regent, followed shortly by an assassin.  Suddenly a woman dispatches the assassin.  Apparently she had been in the room the entire time, but the author didn’t let the reader know that she was either in the room prior to the Prince’s arrival or that she arrived with the Prince.  This happens a lot throughout the book.

I finished the book, but only because I wanted to figure out who the corpse was before he became the Iron Assassin.  Unfortunately that is never really answered and the state of the Empire is still in a precarious position.

My rating: 1/5 stars.

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