BOOK TOUR: Review: “Running In The Dark” by Inger Iversen


 A review by Maria.

I would first like to thank author Inger Iversen for letting me be a part of her book tour and review her novel Running In The Dark.

Trace is a dhampir, the offspring of a vampire father and human mother. He lives with one foot in the vampire world and one foot out of it as a consequence of birth. His job is to keep the vampire world a secret from humans and in doing so he often has to kill. He protects vampires who seek an end to their eternal life, and kills anyone who might witness their end. Bessina is such a witness and it’s Trace’s job to kill her after she witnessed the suicide of two vampires. However Trace finds himself drawn to Bessina and wanting to protect her instead of kill her. Now Trace and Bessina are on a wild ride to escape Trace’s employer who is set on finishing the job.

The novel was short and the pacing was extremely fast. It only took me a little more than an hour to read the whole book. At the beginning I enjoyed the pacing but then it started to work against the book. I felt like not enough time was spent on developing the story and the characters. While the premise was promising, not enough of the world was explored, The book felt like a short quick introduction into what could have been a fascinating paranormal society.

The character development was equally as short. While I felt I had some understanding of who Bessina and Trace were as individuals, more time was spent on developing Bessina’s character through her relationship with her family and trauma in her past. She was strong and willing to do the right thing even in the face of danger. She was also traumatized by rape in her past, so having the love story and scenes develop as quickly as they did didn’t sit well with me as a reader. I did like how real feelings took a long time to develop but having been traumatized and then have Trace be sent to kill her. It would have been more believable to have this character wait to know Trace better before becoming physical with him.

Trace still remained very much a mystery for this book. I understood that he was a loyal to his people and the vampire/dhampir society and the need for keeping it a secret. It was believable that the murders he had to commit as a price of keeping this secret would have started to weigh on him. But a little more backstory on him and also on his world would have made me care for him more as the leading male character.

Many parts to this book showed quite a bit of promise. It kept me both entertained, intrigued, and wanting more. I’m hoping this book was more of an introduction to this world and Trace and Bessina and that their story isn’t over yet.

I believe this story might be classified as a young adult book. However I don’t believe it’s appropriate for younger teenage audiences. It might be appropriate for older ones but it does deal with mature sexual situations and graphic violence.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

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Inger Iversen was born in 1982 to Anne and Kaii Iversen. She lives in Virginia Beach with her overweight lap cat, Max and her tree hugging boyfriend Joshua. She spends 90 percent of her time in Barnes and Noble and the other ten pretending not to want to be in Barnes and Noble.
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