REVIEW: “Driven” by Kelley Armstrong

Review of A review by Amanda.

Driven is a new story in the author’s popular Otherworld series. This book stars the infamous werewolf Pack of Elena Michael and Clayton Danvers. Former Pack leader Jeremy has avoided confronting his abusive, manipulating father for decades. Malcolm is requesting permission to rejoin the Pack and as Pack Alpha, Elena has to make the difficult decision. No one trusts him, and for good reason. Malcolm terrified those who were close to him, and found far too much pleasure in torturing those who crossed him. Elena walks a fine line, and ultimately must allow Malcolm into the Pack as an enforcer, albeit with several strict conditions. He is given an opportunity to prove himself when they are called to investigate members of a clan of mutts – werewolves who are not part of a Pack – who are being murdered in horrific ways.

Davis Cain is not like the rest of the Cain werewolf clan. He wants to attend college and looks for ways to better himself. He enjoys learning, even when his thirst for knowledge earns him nothing but ridicule from his cruel, ignorant family. He may not have much in common with them, but he still feels horror and sadness at the deaths of his family members. He makes the decision to call the Pack and ask for their help in finding out who is hunting Cains, hopefully before Davis ends up dead.

As a fan of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series, I enjoyed this peek into Elena and Clayton’s lives. It isn’t a long story; lengthwise it is between a novella and a full novel. Readers do not need to be caught up with the rest of the series, but knowledge of Elena and Clay’s relationship is helpful. The author does an excellent job of providing any relevant information necessary to help the reader make sense of the story. The book focuses more on the interactions between characters than the mystery. This doesn’t detract from the story at all. It managed to hook me back into the universe that the author has built, and I plan on tracking down the previous stories to catch up. There is a minor crossover to her YA series, Darkest Powers, which is set in the same world. I recommend the Otherworld series to anyone who enjoys the urban fantasy genre. Fans of Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, J.R. Ward, and Charlaine Harris might want to give these books a try.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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