“iZombie: Dead to the World Volume One” by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred

iZombie Dead to the World Volume One by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred

 A review by Courtney.

iZombie is a comic that I’ve been meaning to pick up ever since I started watching the show. The book has a few things going for it besides the TV show; it’s based in Eugene (I tend to be partial to books/comics based in Oregon), the main character is female, and there is a supernatural element one can expect especially when having a title like “iZombie”. Even with all these things going for it, it took me seeing an iZombie panel at ECCC to finally pick it up.

iZombie starts with the audience meeting the main character Gwen where she works with a bunch of dudes in a cemetery as a gravedigger. Readers unfamiliar with the show might be wondering why on earth this cute main character is working in such a morbid sad place; the comic answers it pretty quickly by explaining at the end that Gwen is a zombie who buries the bodies by day and digs them back up at night so she can eat their brains. We also learn that when Gwen eats brains, she gets the memories of the deceased person. When she finds out that the person (whose brain she ate) was murdered, she attempts to find and exact her own brand of zombie justice.

I liked several things about this book and one of the weirdest for me was hearing the narration from Gwen in my head similar in style to the way I hear the voice of Veronica Mars when reading those books; it felt very similar in style to Rob Thomas. I also enjoyed the variety of creatures that were featured in the book. I was happy that it wasn’t just zombies, but ghosts and vampires and others creatures that felt organic to the story. The art fit the tone of the book and added to the kooky nature of the story.

I would recommend this comic to people who enjoy the tone of the show iZombie, just be aware that it isn’t exactly the show and that there are differences, but that it was those differences that made the book more enjoyable.

My rating: 3.5/5 stars.

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