Review: “Faelorehn: The Otherworld Series #1” by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

Faelorehn: The Otherworld Series #1 by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

 A review by Domoni.

Megan is an odd 17-year-old. Average teen problems used to be her biggest fear until she found out who she really is. Found wandering LA at the age of two, her adoptive parents could never tell her where she came from. Always feeling different than everyone she knew, she was an easy target for bullies, though her small loyal group of friends always had her back. One strange night in the swamp seems to have awoken things from her childhood that she had been told were mental illness. Can this handsome exotic young man give her the answers she is looking for?

I enjoyed this book. The pace was great and kept my attention. Though I felt the author’s description of the characters was light, which made me struggle to create them in my head. This is not a bad thing though, as some people enjoy being able to fully create the image of a character in their mind.

The premise is not new, but it felt like a fresh take on the fairy dropped in our world story. I do wish there had been more interaction with the other characters and the ending felt like too much story was left out. I suppose that is the hook to get you to buy the next book. Which I will be doing. Overall a fun read with good potential for an enjoyable series.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

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