Review: “Enter the Janitor” by Josh Vogt

Enter the Janitor (The Cleaners Book 1) by Josh Vogt

 A review by Hannah.

The Cleaners are a supernatural sanitation company that keeps reality tidy, in a war between Purity and Corruption. Their soldiers are janitors, maids, window washers, and maintenance men. Their weapons are mops, feather dusters, and scrub brushes. Their armor, jumpsuits and rubber gloves. Now there is an imbalance between Purity and Corruption that threatens the world as we know it.

Dani is a college student with a history of mysophobia, a.k.a germophobia. Sadly, she chooses to brave the ladies’ room at her school’s library on the wrong day. She winds up in the crossfire between an elderly janitor and a muck-monster. During the battle she discovers her latent magical ability, simultaneously flooding and burning the building down in self-defense.

Ben, the janitor from the bathroom battle, knows that there is an imbalance, but his superiors are not taking the threat seriously. Now he has to train the Cleaners’ newest employee (Dani) while trying to track down the source of the imbalance. Together they will face old enemies, a cult that wants to cleanse all life from the world, and the occasional toilet in need of scrubbing.

I started this book almost certain that I would end up hating Dani. She is young and painfully arrogant. Two chapters later, I knew I was wrong. She is also brave, compassionate, and hilarious. Give her a bottle of hand sanitizer and watch her take over the world, one snarky comment at a time. Ben is the quintessential grumpy old man. He is a seasoned veteran, stubborn, a secret softy and very creative in his cursing. He is a very easy character to like, flaws and all.

I loved this book. I also loved the sequel Maids of Wrath. What I don’t like is waiting for the next book in the series. The characters feel real, the story has momentum, and things get messy.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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