BOOK TOUR Review: “Persephone’s Orchard” by Molly Ringle


A review by Domoni.

Sophie is starting college. She is far from home. Already she misses her family and friends and her boyfriend Jacob.  Her parents have just dropped her off when a stranger walks into her dorm room carrying on a heated discussion on his cell phone in a foreign language. When he finishes his call, his kind, confused manner convinces Sophie to help him find the school bookstore. The walk across the campus takes a scenic turn when he suddenly grabs her and somehow transports her to another realm. Confused and afraid, Sophie tries to run from him across the strange vast field, only to encounter a giant lion. Out of nowhere Adrian, a handsome man with a loyal dog, steps in to save her. When he starts to explain to her where she is, that is when things get really strange.  So, Hades is a hot 21 year old kiwi, and Sophie is his longtime, every lifetime love, Persephone. She could become immortal and stay with him if she chooses, or go back to college and live a normal life. Don’t forget the secret organization out to stop the immortals. Leaving home wasn’t supposed to be this kind of exciting.

I very much enjoyed this book. I have read a few similar type of stories about reincarnated loves, or reincarnated gods. I generally like the idea but am often let down by the actual book. The author did an amazing job with this story though. The world is well created, very vivid and easy to imagine. The characters are full and exciting. I loved how as Sophie remembered her past, she remained herself. She didn’t just spark that first memory of Adrian/Hades and fall instantly into her role and in love with Adrian. As she worked through all the past lives and memories, she questioned every step and fell into a natural slow rhythm of learning who she was and who Adrian was.

The story was a clean read, I had no moments where I was bored. I easily read it in one day, not wanting to take a break. I cannot wait to find out more and read the rest of this series. I did receive this book as an ARC copy in exchange for a review.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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