We love books! But you already knew that.

This site is a branch of the formal book club known as Fangirls Read It First. We’re based in the Portland Metro area of Oregon, and met up because we were all book fans with nowhere to hang out and geek out about our favorite books.

The club grew very big, and we found that everyone had very interesting points to make about the books we read. So one day, Brit (now our editor-in-chief) came up with the idea to start a book review site. With the blessing of Amanda (club president and Head Editor), we started building this gorgeous site.

We wanted to give you all the best reviews possible, based on our authority as lifelong readers. Some of us have been professional writers and editors, and some of us are training to do just that. For now, just take us at our word as readers and lovers of books. We write for YOU, the lover of books who reads what their friends recommend.

We all hope you enjoy these reviews, and hope you find them helpful. Tell us what you think in the comments, and what you’d like us to read next. Happy reading!

~The Fangirls

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