Meet the Crew!

Vanessa Ougheltree (Senior Reviewer, Editor) is a loyal reader of all genres.  Her favorites include Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance and anything that has good humor, and great writing.  She has been reading all her life, and is very excited to be joining in with a group of her fellow reader fangirls to participate as a reviewer and editor for this blog.  As a founding member of the Fangirls Read It First Book Club, she has been happy to be introduced to new genres and new experiences that have broadened her taste in reading, and have helped to inform her writing as well.

Emily Rios (Reviewer) grew up without cable and would read her encyclopedia collection for fun. She is a critical care nurse, founder and president of the Oregon Women’s Charity Association and busy mom of 4 yr old boy. She grew up in CT and has lived in OR for almost a year. She loves Victorian era books; Jane Eyre is her favorite. She also loves Othello. Emily likes mysteries, drama, books about true-to-life/ history hardships, such as Grapes of Wrath, and anything by George Orwell. She also enjoys stories about surviving in the wilderness. As a kid, she loved Goosebumps and The Babysitters Club. Harry Potter is her all time favorite series!

Amanda Addams (Editor-in-Chief, Reviewer) is the founder and Fearless Leader of the Fangirls Read It First book club. In her everyday life she gets paid to wrangle children. She loves to bake, craft, and geek out about Firefly, Supernatural, and Doctor Who with her friends. She volunteers at local Comic Cons, and watches as much TV as she can tolerate before her brain explodes. Amanda also reads whatever she can get her hands on, usually with a cat curled up in her lap. Her favorite genres include fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary fiction, and thrillers. She enjoys YA, NA, and adult books equally.

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