Meet the Crew!



Courtney Simpson (Comics Reviewer) has been an avid reader since the age of 6. She will read almost anything, and is currently devouring her way through comic book stores in the Portland Oregon area. She also fangirls over anything and everything Joss Whedon related. She enjoys cosplaying and attending conventions with her husband Andrew where they quest for more nerdy art.

Hannah Edgington (Manga Reviewer) is a lifelong reader and a fan of the ridiculous. She enjoys games of all sorts, playing dress up, reading and a tea. You can often find Hannah curled up with her favorite book or fangirling with the best of them.

Domoni Greatwater has a Gypsy soul. She currently resides in Woodland, Washington with her two sons and partner. Taking a break from her nomadic tendencies, she has settled down and runs her own natural bath and body shop online. She also is continuing her education towards earning her ND. When she isn’t homeschooling her sons and attending her own studies, she spends her free time reading anything she lays her hands on, writing, planning her future farm, and geeking out on sci-fi TV, movies and video games.

Vanessa Ougheltree is a loyal reader of all genres.  Her favorites include Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance and anything that has good humor, and great writing.  She has been reading all her life, and is very excited to be joining in with a group of her fellow reader fangirls to participate as a reviewer and editor for this blog.  As a founding member of the Fangirls Read It First Book Club, she has been happy to be introduced to new genres and new experiences that have broadened her taste in reading, and have helped to inform her writing as well.


Amanda Addams is the founder and Fearless Leader of the Fangirls Read It First book club. In her everyday life she gets paid to wrangle children and get fellow coffee addicts their fix. She loves to bake, craft, and geek out about Firefly, Supernatural, and Doctor Who with her friends. She volunteers at local Comic Cons, and watches as much TV as she can tolerate before her brain explodes. Amanda also reads whatever she can get her hands on. Sleep? What is this sleep you speak of?

Brit McGinnis is the Editor-in-Chief of Fangirls Read It First and is delighted to be starting such a fun project with these folks. She is an award-winning journalist and an author in her own right. Brit enjoys writing, reading, playing video games and anything to do with horror.


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