Our Review Policies

We love books, and we’re happy to read books submitted by authors. But we have a few rules on the matter.

If you are friends with any of the reviewers on staff, you must tell us up front. Your book will still be reviewed, but it will be reviewed by a different reviewer on staff. The staff will be notified of the relationship, including the other reviewers, the editors, the Head Editor and the Editor-in-Chief.

If there’s a dispute on whether the review is “accurate” or “fair,” the staff will always side with the Reviewer over the author. Every time.

We aren’t a book promotion site. Those services are not for sale, and neither are positive reviews. 😉 Please note that even though we utilize Amazon to gather affiliate commissions to fund club activities, we will not receive payment for reviews.

Physical and electronic versions of the books are all welcome! Just know that reviewers will say in the review which version they read.

Reviewers will disclose whether they purchased the book themselves or if they received a review copy of the book.

We ask that authors provide pictures of their own covers, just so we can use it on our social media accounts. These will be linked to where people can buy the book if they are interested. If pictures aren’t provided by the author, we will yank a picture from the Amazon and/or Goodreads and/or Kobo listing for the book. We won’t add any other additional art to the reviews, for the sake of impartiality to all of the authors we feature.

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