Review: “Green Hornet #1: Bully Pulpit” by Mark Waid and Daniel Indro

Green Hornet, Bully Pulpit by Mark Waid and Daniel Indro

 A review by Courtney.

This volume came in a Comic Bento Box that I had to order because it was curated by Gail Simone. Gail is one of my favorite comic writers so I had to buy the box. I also wanted to try reading a comic with a male protagonist who has a male bestie to interact with. In the Green Hornet movie, I particularly enjoyed the banter between Green Hornet and Cato and was hoping something similar would be present in the comic as well.

Green Hornet starts off the volume by showing us that his alter ego, Brett Reid, is capable of controlling the city by the newspaper stories he chooses to print. Brett is the publisher of the newspaper the Daily Sentinel, one of the most respected newspapers in the city. Brett is able to alter stories and the way things are running in the city by appearing as the Green Hornet and witnessing the events first hand that he chooses to write about. Brett’s goal is to have Green Hornet appear as a criminal mastermind to the head gangsters of the city so he can maintain control easier. Cato serves as Brett’s trusted bodyguard/chauffeur until Cato believes that Brett is crossing too many of the wrong lines to maintain his control.

I wanted to like this book, I really did, especially when I found out that there were supposed to be pulp fiction-y noir vibes about it. Noir films are some of my favorite and occasionally I would get those vibes from the book during one of Brett’s long internal monologues; it wasn’t often enough to keep my interest. I was also hoping for a chummy witty dialogue between Brett and Cato and that was missing as well. I wanted to know more about the relationship between Cato and Brett and I never got it. Occasionally I was drawn into the story, but I never really felt like I cared about any of the characters enough to want to know what would happen to them next.

The art in this book was okay, but nothing amazing. If the book had been in black and white with pops of green color, that could have helped give it the noir feel they were going for; but they didn’t.

My rating: 2/5 stars.

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