BLOG TOUR: Review of “Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire” by Rachael Stapleton

Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire by Rachael StapletonA review by Danielle.

On the first anniversary of Sophia literally falling into Cullen’s life, everything seems perfect. She is celebrating one year of pure happiness with her soul mate, surrounded by his adoring and vast clan at a glamorous restaurant in Ireland, when Cullen suddenly proposes. As Cullen proceeds to place the ring on Sophia’s finger she recognizes with horror a piece of the cursed purple Delhi sapphire.  With no time to object to the ring and all of Cullen’s family happily expecting an answer, Sophia is suddenly transported back in time to the 1920’s, and a former life as her great aunt.

It soon becomes clear that NICO, the same cursed soul who has been chasing Sophia through history and past lives, has been reincarnated in this life as well. With only memories of stories passed down by her Grandmother, Sophia tries in vain to stop history from repeating itself. Unable to stop the massacre, Sophia is slammed back into the present with a new, deep understanding that she will never have peace unless she can break the curse before her enemy finds her in this life and kills her again, and a dream wedding to simultaneously plan.

With one clear suspicion about who Nico is in this life, Sophia tries to stay ahead of the game, to both stay alive and keep the purple Delhi sapphire away from Nico so he cannot use the dark magic the sapphire possesses. But when her lone suspect is murdered and the list of possibilities starts to include people she loves and trusts, Sophia is not sure where to turn or who to trust. Will she be able to stop the ruthless Nico this time or will her life be cut short again?

I thoroughly enjoyed The Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire; Rachael Stapleton does an excellent job of describing different periods of history in vivid detail. It was exciting to take a walk through two vastly different time periods through the main character’s perspective. Time travel can be very confusing in fiction, or even a little cheesy, but the symmetry of Sophia always being reincarnated as someone still in her family blood line is both beautiful and easy to follow. Cullen and his family being intertwined with Sophia’s past and present just felt perfect. Something about a love so strong it never dies but is instead passed down through the ages, defying logic and death, is so poetically beautiful it takes my breath away and I never get tired of a storyline like that.

Dark twists in the story line and suspicion of who Nico was this time around really surprised me and Rachael Stapleton is brilliant in leading the reader in one direction while discreetly foreshadowing who the killer truly is. I found the hints at sexually charged scenes without describing them in explicit detail to be a breath of fresh air. Gently teasing the reader instead of providing a full show truly set a sexy tone while still leaving plenty of room for imagination and interpretation.  I can’t wait to read the next book and see what is in store next for Sophie and Cullen.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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