Review of “Girl of Myth and Legend” by Giselle Simlett

Review of "Girl of Myth and Legend” by Giselle Simlett A review by Amanda.

Leonie Woodville lives for her routine. She wakes up, walks to school, and tries to get by with as little social interaction as possible. It’s just been Leonie and her dad for a while now, having recently moved to Britain from Australia. Everything seems to be business as usual, until one morning when Leonie is surprised by chest pains so extreme that she thinks she’s dying. Instead, the heat and pain travel to her hands, melting the snow around her as her hands begin to glow. Unexpectedly, her father knows all about what’s happening to her. Leonie and her father are actually Chosen – members of a magical race from another realm called Duwyn. Mr. Woodville is a seer and he’s kept their history a secret in order to protect Leonie from a dark future. As soon as her power shows itself, the secret is out and Leonie finds herself in Duwyn, under heavy guard. She isn’t just Chosen. She’s a Pulsar; the strongest and rarest of the Chosen, and the first one to exist in two hundred years. Chosen rebels are determined to get their hands on her power, putting her life in danger. Leonie has to learn how to master her abilities as well as who she can trust.

Korren is a kytaen, elemental beings who bond with Chosen and act as protectors. Kytaen are treated as pets, at best, and are considered inferior to Chosen. Most Chosen think of kytaens as mindless beasts, despite the fact that kytaens have a secondary humanoid form and the ability to speak with humans. Korren hasn’t been linked to a Chosen in two hundred years. He’s been kept captive, as punishment for his actions that got the last Pulsar killed. Leonie’s kytaen must be the strongest and Korren fits the bill, although he is determined to hate her – after all, it’s her kind that has made his life so miserable. As determined as he is to treat her with nothing but cruelty, her ignorance about their world and the way kytaen are usually treated slowly begins to wear down his resolve. Is it possible for kytaen and Chosen to be equals?

Girl of Myth and Legend gripped me from the beginning. The writing had a poetic, romantic feel to it and the author jumped into the fantasy aspect almost immediately. The pace did slow down in the middle, I assume to give the reader the chance to learn more about the world of Duwyn. It also gave us the opportunity to get to know Korren and watch his interactions with Leonie as they got to know each other. The action definitely picked up towards the end and I was unable to put this book down until the very end. This is a fantasy adventure, with some political intrigue and family drama mixed in. Romantic relationships are essentially non-existent but hints for such in the future are there, and the story itself has an adventurous, heroic feel to it. More focus is placed on friendships, particularly between those who have reason to dislike and distrust each other. Fans of Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy may enjoy this debut from Giselle Simlett.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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