Review: “Rat Queens Volume One: Sass and Sorcery” by Kurtis J. Weibe

Rat Queens Volume One: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. WeibeA review by Courtney.

Rat Queens is a fantasy story about four best friends from varying backgrounds who happen to also be a band of mercenaries. This feels like the adventure you would have if you were playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons with three of your lady besties and you got sucked into the game. Rat Queens is not your average comic book. Volume One of the series is terrific because it contains the first five issues, which allows you get to know and love the characters without having to wait for the next issue. It starts with a quest for our unlikely heroes that doesn’t go perfectly, but they make it work because they are the Rat Queens.

Volume One has a lot of action, humor, and intrigue and yet you still have time to fall in love with the characters. The Rat Queens are Dee, a human cleric; Hannah, an elven mage; Violet, a dwarven warrior; and Betty, a smidgen thief. The diversity of the characters is one of the reasons that I loved this series. The Rat Queens are all very different and yet they come together and are supportive of one another. It is incredibly refreshing to see a group of female characters that really seem to love each other. The pacing of the story was good and moved quickly. The comic does have a lot of action and is a bit graphic. It also has a couple of drug references and sexual content so I would not recommend this to young readers. I do recommend it to anyone older; if you’ve never picked up a comic book before, this is a terrific place to start and if you do regularly read comics, I would add it to your pull list!

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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