Review: “Time Thief” by Katie MacAlister

Review: “Time Thief” by Katie MacAlister

A review by Vanessa.

Kiya Mortenson has found herself quite down on her luck. She’s out of a job, out of love, about to be out of a car that should have died ages ago, and she’s just been hit by lightning… for the second time. But things seem to be turning around for her when she stumbles across a genuine and gorgeous good Samaritan in the form of one Gregory Faa. Gregory knows of a job that Kiya might be great at, but it would require her to stay in the forests of Oregon rather than heading back to her coastal home. Kiya decides to go for it, but when the job turns out to be puppy-sitting five pugs for a crotchety old gypsy lady, who happens to be Gregory’s grandmother, Kiya starts to wonder if it was really good luck. Mrs. Faa is very serious about her dogs, and the rest of the Faa family is very serious about keeping away any outsiders. Since they all apparently live in a suspiciously large group of RVs out in the woods, that is generally not hard to do. But something is going on with this strange group of people, and the mysterious cousin Peter who has joined them on their odd vacation.

Peter Faa is not just a gorgeous, violet-eyed mystery. He happens to be a member of The Watch, the police of the magical community. He is also not just visiting his family for pleasure; he is on an official investigation. Murders have been happening under mysterious circumstances and all signs point to the involvement of Travelers. Peter’s family is a well-known group of Travelers: those who have a strange and powerful relationship with lightning, and time itself. The last thing Peter wants to do is go back to the family from which he has been estranged to possibly arrest someone for murder, but he has always followed his duty. When he runs into Kiya, a pleasant if vexing surprise, he finds it might not be so bad after all. But the family is as close-knit and unaccepting of anyone as they have always been, and one of them just might be a murderer…

A twisting and engaging plot pulls you into this book and definitely does not let you go until the fascinating end.  The characters are each interesting, alluring, lovable, and irritating in fascinating ways. The main character Kiya is a little bit flighty, but altogether likable and easy to root for. Though she seems a bit lost, her experience in finding out who she really is throughout the story is quite captivating. Peter Faa is an enchanting character, with just enough gruffness and grumbly attitude to be charming, and a wholly good heart that will make readers just fall in love with him. The supporting cast of characters are no slouches either. There are characters you will love to hate, and ones that will drive you almost literally crazy. MacAlister builds on to her already wonderful universe of dark ones and dragons by adding a new and fascinating group to the mix: Travelers. Their relationship with time is a compelling hook for the story, and as usual, Katie does a wonderful job of creating a whole new world for them to inhabit, right in the midst of the real world. This book is the first in a series that already has two books out, and I would highly recommend the series as a whole so far.

My rating: 5/5 stars.

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