BOOK TOUR Review: “Lindsey: Love and Intrigue” by Kimberly Kolb

A review by Maria.

I would like to thank author Kimberly Kolb for letting me read and review her new novel Lindsey: Love and Intrigue.

Lindsey moved to her small town when she was in 8th grade; but even now as a junior in high school she’s still considered the new kid by many students. She feels awkward and out of place. She’s always considered herself to be one of the guys instead of going on dates or having girlfriends. Her parents are busy, powerful lawyers who deal with dangerous criminals, and often leave her home alone. She does have one thing going for her though. Lindsey is an impressive gymnast and is excited to be competing on her high school team as well as her extracurricular one this year. She spends much of her time obsessing over her crush, Chris, even after a senior starts to pay attention to her. However once Lindsey starts receiving flat tires and threatening texts she wonders if they’re merely cruel pranks or an obsession gone too far.

Lindsey was kind but rather average for a main character. She spent too much time doubting herself but that’s normal for a teenage character. She also spent too much of her time obsessing over boys, but again, that’s normal too. So in a genre where YA literature often makes teenagers seem like adults, Lindsey: Love and Intrigue was refreshing in the aspect that it kept its teen characters as actually teens. So much so that we as readers, could remember why the teenage years weren’t really the best. Lindsey did start to grow on me though. She had a charming and endearing way of viewing herself and the ones around her, making me like her all the more.

Chris was a little bit more of a mystery throughout the book. Through much of the book he was the far, unreachable crush. However when Lindsey and Chris both land the leads in the school play, much more interaction starts to happen between these characters. Chris also endears himself to me as a reader; mostly because of his absolute patience in dealing with Lindsey and all her doubts in herself and in him. Most teenage boys would have walked away from her long ago. He proves to be an extremely smart, capable, and charming character who is able to keep a level head in dangerous moments. He proves to be much more aware of his surroundings and people, than Lindsey.

This book was very much the typical angsty teenage romance for much of the novel. It really didn’t become much of a suspense until much later. Once it went the suspense route, it kicked it up from an interesting but slow book, to a tense nail-biting thriller. Lindsey: Love and Intrigue. is appropriate for teenangers as well as adults. .

My rating: 3/5 stars.

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Welcome to my tour stop for Lindsey: Love and Intrigue by Kimberly Kolb. This is a young adult mystery and the tour runs Nov. 16-27th with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

About the Book:

Fifteen-year-old Lindsey Morgan Brooks is still considered the new kid in the small town of Emit, Michigan. Both of her parents are lawyers, but her father has built his reputation prosecuting some of the worst criminals in New York and Chicago. Now, as a high school junior, she is trying to choose her own path.

Lindsey feels the demands and pressure from school, gymnastics, and her parents as she battles insecurities to build friendships while steering clear of the many land mines in high school-such as the group of popular girls she has dubbed the “Fab Five” Busy with activities and consumed with thoughts of her secret crush, Chris, she takes little notice of what’s happening around her.

She gets a flat tire, gets caught with the lights-out and starts receiving strange text messages-things she assumes are just high school pranks gone too far. Her father wants her to be able to handle herself, so she should be able to handle this.

But while she steals a glimpse at Chris, who is watching her?

Kolb, Kimberly - 2013 Woods Head shot (1)About the Author:

Kimberly Kolb earned a bachelor of science degree in industrial organizational psychology from the University of Illinois. She began writing while waiting for her daughter to finish ballet and tap classes. Kolb lives with her husband and three children north of Chicago. This is her debut novel.

Kimberly Kolb received the Editor’s Choice and Rising Star Award from iUniverse.

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BOOK TOUR: Review: “The Soul Summoner” by Elicia Hyder

The Soul Summoner by Elicia Hyder A review by Maria.

I would like to thank author Elicia Hyder for allowing me to read and review her book The Soul Summoner for part of her tour.

Sloan Jordan has a very strange power. She can connect with anyone she sees or meets and knows things about them instantly. She also has the power to draw people to her just by thinking of them. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone, because she’s tried very hard to bring Brad Pitt to her. Sloan keeps her power a secret from everyone except her best friend, even her adoptive parents don’t know. However she slips up when she tells Detective Nathan McNamara that the person he’s looking for is dead. Now he knows something is up with her, since she couldn’t possibly know that. He learns of her unique ability, but she makes it clear she doesn’t want to help until he comes back with a missing child case. He then asks for her help with a case of many missing women. A strange partnership, rich with romantic tension is formed. When a new face appears in town, one Sloan can’t read, it threatens to derail this partnership in more ways than one.

Sloan was an interesting main character. She was smart, funny and understandably protective of her secret. Because of this she has never had a real long term relationship, even though she has no problem attracting men’s attention. She feels an instant attraction to McNamara that goes deeper than her power to connect with people. When newcomer Warren comes to town and has powers similar to hers this only makes her want to understand her ability more.

I was definitely team McNamara in this love triangle. Nathan was smart, driven, attractive, and compassionate. He understood Sloan better than most in a short amount of time. They had a great relationship full of dependence, respect and a healthy amount of banter. He worked hard to become a detective to solve a disappearance close to him. He was surly, loyal, passionate and the total package.

Warren was an enigma and stayed that way through much of the book. I couldn’t find myself getting as attached to his character. His power is the opposite of Sloan’s and repels people rather than drawing them in. It is also much darker and instead of helping people, his can result in killing them. He had a tough and complicated life which Sloan relates to since it could have easily been her life since she was also adopted. He made his power work for him and has become a successful sniper. He was dark, brooding and everything about his personality made it hard for me to relate to him or care for him as a character and love interest.
The Soul Summoner moved at a fairly fast pace throughout the book with only a few lagging moments for me. It was an easy and quick read. I’d classify this novel as a romantic suspense suitable for adults.


My rating: 4/5 stars.

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Welcome to my tour stop for for The Soul Summoner by Elicia Hyder. This is an adult contemporary fantasy. The tour runs November 9-20 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.


Book Title – The Soul Summoner
Series – The Soul Summoner Series Book 1
Publisher – Forge Creek Press
Release Date – November 9th, 2015
Genre – Contemporary Fantasy
Rating – PG13
Length –  290 Pages

About the Book:

Blessed–or cursed–with a connection to the souls of others, Sloan Jordan can see the best in people… and the worst. For twenty-seven years, she’s kept her ability to judge the innocent from the wicked a secret, but eleven young women have been murdered in the mountains of North Carolina, and Sloan may be the only hope of finding their killer.
She has just agreed to help Detective Nathan McNamara with the case, when a stranger–who is as alluring as he is terrifying–shows up at her doorstep with a dark past and another puzzling mystery: she can’t see his soul at all.
Now, Sloan is on the hunt for a deadly psychopath with two irresistible men. One of them would die for her, and the other would kill to keep her safe.

About the Author:
Elicia Hyder is the author of several contemporary fantasy novels such as The Soul Summoner, The Siren, The Angel of Death, and The Daughter of Zion as well as a few contemporary romances, The Bed She Made and To Be Her first. Elicia studied American Literature and Creative Writing at the American Military University. She lives with her husband and five children in central Florida.

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BOOK TOUR: Review: “Dreamscape: Saving Alex” by Kirstin Pulioff

Dreamscape by Kirstin PulioffA review by Domoni.

I would like to thank the author for the chance to read their book in exchange for an honest review.

Alex is angry. Just when she feels like everything is going right, her parents are making her move. Not in three months like they had planned, but tomorrow. The plan was to wait until Winter break. Her dad moved first to set things up and Alex and her mom were going to follow later. Now she has one last night at home and she isn’t ready. It isn’t fair. She doesn’t want to leave her friends and to make things worse, Brian, the boy she is crazy about finally noticed her and asked her to the dance.

When Alex’s best friend Natalie comes for a sleep over to help her pack her room they unearth an old video game in Alex’s closet. Dreamscape used to be their favorite game. They have all the cheat codes and shortcuts memorized. After playing the game through, Natalie falls asleep but a groggy Alex wants to have one more go at it. Her overtired brain hits a wrong button and suddenly a golden glow is sucking Alex into the game. Cheat codes won’t help her here as the only way to get home is to join the rebellion, save the queen and beat the game.

I really enjoyed this book. The writing was excellent and the flow kept me interested. Alex is a typical teen who is angry at her parents and that made a few recurring appearances throughout the story though I felt the author could have managed it more consistently. There are scenes that happen in Dreamscape that help Alex begin to understand some of the choices and reactions her parents have had, but I feel if the author had given those scenes a little more information and added a couple more it would have made more sense. As they were entered few and far between they almost became pointless.

The romance aspect was well done. Arrow is a well-developed character. His role could have become cliché but I feel as though he played the perfect mixture of leader and companion without relying too heavily or negating the “hero” role Alex is to play. The scenery and challenges the characters had to travel through were well written and easily came alive in my mind.

The only thing keeping me from giving this story five stars is the ending. It was very abrupt. Yes, the story wraps up but I wanted a little more to happen to make the whole adventure in Dreamscape relate to Alex’s life outside the game.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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Welcome to the tour for Dreamscape: Saving Alex by Kirstin Pulioff. This is a young adult contemporary fantasy.
Dreamscape: Saving Alex by Kirstin Pulioff
Sixteen-year-old Alexis Stone is used to getting away from life’s frustration with Dreamscape, a video game she’s loved since childhood. As her family prepares to move, a sleepy night of gaming pulls her into the world like never before. Trapped in Dreamscape’s realm, Alex is about to learn that being a hero has consequences… and this time, the stakes are deadly. Will helping the rebellion cost her everything she knows and loves? Or will she betray them to save her own life?

Kirstin Pulioff is a storyteller at heart. Born and raised in Southern California, she moved to the Pacific Northwest to follow her dreams and graduated from Oregon State University (Go Beavs!) with a degree in Forest Management. Happily married and a mother of two, she lives in the foothills of Colorado, and enjoys being a stay at home mom. When she’s not writing an adventure, she’s busy living one.She loves to hear from readers and fans. Please connect with her on any of her sites:
AUTHOR ONLINE: Website | Goodreads | FacebookTwitter

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Review: “Alice’s Portrait” by Juliette Harper

Alice’s Portrait by Juliette HarperA review by Maria.

I would like to thank author Juliette Harper for allowing me to read and review the first three novels in her Lockwood Legacy series. The following is a review of Alice’s Portrait, the third book in the series.

One year has passed since Kate, Jenny, and Mandy came back to The Rocking L ranch to investigate their father’s death and uncover the secrets he kept in life. They’ve been living together on the ranch as their inheritance and have had an eventful time learning to grow again as a family, but also in their lives. Each of the sisters has had to face personal demons inside and in the physical sense. Kate was shot and nearly killed by a hired gun. Jenny had to face an evil man from her past. Mandy had to become the protector of the family when they needed it most. There’s been love, death, and suffering for all three women. Now they’re trying to move on and adjust to their lives together and face what they’re hoping to be a peaceful future of romances, a wedding, and the excavation of Baxter’s Draw. But their troubles are far from over and their father still has a few more secrets buried.

I was very excited for this novel because I had assumed Mandy would be the primary characters as Jenny and Kate had been for the other two books. I wanted to get to know Mandy’s character a little better and also delve more into her romance with the mayor. However this novel essentially featured Kate and Jenny as the main characters, spending equal time with them both. Mandy was even more of a side character in this book and made only sporadic appearances.

I continued to enjoy both Kate’s and Jenny’s characters in this book. Both continued to flourish in strength, courage, and as sisters. Kate struggled with her injury and the hurt she carried from her father. Jenny had a lot of anger for her father and tried to come to terms with it by wanting to paint in his reclusive cave in Baxter’s Draw. Jenny’s love interest, Josh, developed a wonderful friendship with Kate and I really enjoyed their interactions together.

This book wasn’t nearly as dangerous as the other two and instead played out very much as a mystery with the danger and romance kept in the background. Kate and Jenny both try to uncover most about their father’s secrets and end up stumbling upon a network of secrets and the people keeping them.

Like the others in this series, this was a very fast enjoyable read, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next book!I

My rating: 3 /5 stars.

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Welcome to the tour for Alice’s Portrait by Juliette Harper! This is a sci-fantasy novel that is adult but clean and appropriate for young adult readers. 


Alice’s Portrait by Juliette Harper
A year after Kate, Jenny, and Mandy Lockwood inherit The Rocking L, the sisters try to concentrate on their collective and individual futures. In the previous book in The Lockwood Legacy series, Baxter’s Draw, the women made startling discoveries about their father’s secrets, but are mistaken in their belief that everything has now come to light. In Alice’s Portrait, the ghosts of Langston Lockwood’s past once again confront his daughters, forcing them to re-evaluate their understanding of their father and of what it means to be a Lockwood.


 Juliette Harper is the pen name used by the writing team of Patricia Pauletti and Rana K. Williamson. Like the characters of their debut series, The Lockwood Legacy, Juliette is a merging of their creative energies. Pauletti, an Easterner of Italian descent, is an accomplished musician with an eye for art and design. Williamson, a Texan from a long line of hardheaded Scots, knows the world of the Lockwoods like the back of her hand.“We decided to write under a pen name because neither one of us by ourselves could have created Kate, Jenny, Mandy, and their world,” says Pauletti. “Juliette is a little bit of us both. We want to be her when we grow up.”“Patti teases me that I just don’t want to own up to writing a book with romance in it,” Williamson adds, “but that’s not true. I like the Lockwood women and the way they tackle everything life throws at them. And before we’re done, they’ll be ducking a lot. I imagine coming into the office every day and saying, ‘Okay Juliette, what’s going to happen now?’ She tells us, and we get it down on paper.”

AUTHOR ONLINE: Website | Goodreads | Twitter
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BOOK TOUR: Review: “Dragons Are People, Too” Sarah Nicolas

Dragons are People Too by Sarah NicolasA review by Maria.

I would like to thank author Sarah Nicolas for giving me the opportunity to read and review her novel, Dragons Are People, Too.

Kitty Lung is far from a normal teenager, but like most teens she’s great at keeping secrets. First, she’s undercover at school with the President’s son as part of his protection detail, along with her friend Sani. She gets sent on top-secret missions for the government when she has time. She might be not-so-secretly in love with Sani. And Kitty’s biggest secret of all is that she’s a dragon. But Kitty’s partner on her last mission was caught on camera shapeshifting into dragon form. Now the world knows that dragons are real and dragons are being rounded up and imprisoned. When the president’s son is kidnapped on her watch, it’s up to Kitty and Sani to rescue him and show the world that dragons are people too.

This novel was short and had very fast pacing. There was tons of action, comedy, and romance in it. I spent a great deal of my time laughing out loud, swooning, and hovering on the edge of my seat.

A good deal of mythology also made appearances in this novel. The mythology surrounding shape-shifting dragons, dragon hunters, and old perceptions about dragons were delved into, but also Japanese mythology on the Kitsune, the fox shifters and tricksters.

Kitty was a likeable, intelligent, brave, and often self-deprecating main character. She was fiercely loyal to her friends, family, the government and her job of protecting the president’s son. She has a healthy respect for the dangers in the world and on her missions and will risk her life to get the job done. Kitty’s also a normal teenage girl with a hopeless crush on her best friend. Added to that, she’s a normal dragon-to-human-shifter who would like to be able to fly and show her abilities without always having to worry about remaining invisible.

Sani shared many of the same personality traits as Kitty. He was funny, witty, dependable, and loyal. He was also very attractive and protective. He was often the voice of reason to Kitty’s behavior and would have her slow down to think before she acted. Their balance as friends, partners and undercover operatives worked well. Sani was a very worthy romantic-interest for Kitty.

Dragons Are People, Too is appropriate for adolescent and adult audiences.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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Dragons Are People, Too

by Sarah Nicolas

Release Date: 04/28/15

Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads:

Never judge a dragon by her human cover…

Sixteen-year-old Kitty Lung has everyone convinced she’s a normal teen—not a secret government operative, not the one charged with protecting the president’s son, and certainly not a were-dragon. The only one she trusts with the truth is her best friend—and secret crush—the über-hot Bulisani Mathe.

Then a junior operative breaks Rule Number One by changing into his dragon form in public—on Kitty’s watch—and suddenly, the world knows. About dragons. About the Draconic Intelligence Command (DIC) Kitty works for. About Kitty herself.

Now the government is hunting down and incarcerating dragons to stop a public panic, and a new shape-shifting enemy has kidnapped the president’s son. Kitty and Bulisani are the last free dragons, wanted by both their allies and their enemies. If they can’t rescue the president’s son and liberate their fellow dragons before getting caught themselves, dragons might never live free again.

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About the Author

Sarah is a 30-something YA author who currently lives in Orlando, FL with a 60-lb mutt who thinks he’s a chihuahua. She believes that some boys are worth trusting, all girls have power, and dragons are people too.

She’s a proud member of the Gator Nation and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, but has switched careers entirely. She now works as an Event Coordinator for a County Library and as a freelance book publicist and author’s assistant. She also blogs at YAtopia and video blogs at the YA Rebels.

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BOOK TOUR: Review: “Dream of Me” by Quinn Loftis

Dream of Me by Quinn LoftisA review by Maria.

First off I’d like to take a moment to thank author Quinn Loftis for allowing Fangirls Read it First to read and review her novel Dream of Me.

Dream of Me is a twist on the Sandman tale. Dair is the Sandman, an angelic being created by the Creator for the purpose of guiding important humans toward their destinies by visiting them in their dreams.

Serenity and Emma are two important humans Dair visits. When Dair visits someone he follows them and gets to know their lives and personalities aside from just their dreams. As soon as he see Serenity he feels an attraction and something he’s never felt before: love. Serenity becomes increasingly aware of the Sandman’s existence, questioning her sanity but also wanting to follow her heart.

Serenity was my favorite character. She’s insanely kind and spends of her free time helping others. She lost her parents at a young age and lives with her aunt and uncle helping them at their house and community. She also works with animals. She’s smart and ambitious and wants out of her small town after graduation from high school. When she becomes aware of Dair’s presence in her life she questions things and has doubts but the romance between them becomes very real and believable.

Dair was a harder character to get to know. He’s immortal and angelic and we never find out much about him other than it’s his job to visit dreams. However the angel Raphael is introduced as his closest friend and their friendship and banter show more of Dair’s personality. He’s very old fashioned romantic even though he’s never felt love before.

The only character I never grew to like was Emma. She was an 8-year-old girl but was supposed to be a genius. Which made her hard to relate to since she was so young and very smart. She never really fit into the kid sister role or super intelligent role either. Honestly I just found her character to be rather an enigma as she would say and think the oddest things. I think I would have rather she had been a regular 8-year-old without the genius aspect and still have her future be important to Dair.

Last but not least I have to mention how much I completely adored Serenity’s best friend, Glory. She was the comic relief in this book and really knew how to liven up a scene.

I wouldn’t call this book a fast read and it did have slow moments mostly due to the mythological or angelic/religious scenes. This book wasn’t outright religious but had some of the concepts in it since the Sandman was an angelic being in this version. This book was well worth the read if you like new takes on mythology, fate, and enjoy a good romance.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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Dream of Me (Dream Maker #1)

by Quinn Loftis

Release Date: 02/28/15

319 pages

Summary from Goodreads:

“In the evening… [he] blows softly upon their necks, till their heads begin to droop. […] Under each arm he carries an umbrella; one of them, with pictures on the inside, he spreads over the good children, and then they dream the most beautiful stories the whole night.” ~ Hans Christian Anderson

Since the dawn of time, Brudair, otherwise known as the Sandman to the world, has faithfully lived out his purpose, faithfully performed his duties. He has never questioned his lot among the immortals, until now, until her. Sarah Serenity Tillman, a consummate beauty both inside and out, is a high school senior five months from her graduation. She has great plans, dreams of leaving the small town of her childhood behind her forever. But destiny has other plans, and it’s the Sandman’s job to make sure those plans are fulfilled.

The tall muscular Sandman, known as Dair to his friends, dressed in black, wrapped in shadows, is more than a myth. And he has a job to do. His very existence makes him a creature of the night, because dreams, (yes the legends got that part right), were indeed his specialty. But his purpose was more than just weaving dreams for sleeping children. No, his dreams were made to influence, made to ensure that certain special individuals, those individuals who would change the course of history, actually accepted their chosen destiny.

Little does Serenity know that she is Dair’s next assignment. And the dream that he weaves for her, if she follows its influence, will change the course of, not only her life, but possibly the whole of history as well. But she isn’t the only one being influenced. The beauty inside of her was weighing on the Sandman, lighting up the darkness that was his constant companion. Her light was warmth, it was life, and he didn’t understand how he had survived the previous millennia without it.

The Sandman was indeed greater than anything humans had ever imagined, and his purpose was vital to the course of history. So what happens when the weaver of dreams gets so distracted by a mere human that he ignores his own duties in the immortal realm? How can an immortal who was never meant to have a mate, join a young woman in her destiny without irrevocably changing the lives of millions and potentially altering history in a way the Creator never intended?

“Dream of me, Princess,” Dair whispered into her ear.
“Then weave me a dream, Sandman,” she said softly. “And we can dream together.”
As her eyes grew heavy, she heard Dair’s voice telling her to sleep, to open her mind to him and let him in. I’m all yours, she thought as sleep finally claimed her.

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About the Author

Quinn is an award winning author who lives in beautiful Western Arkansas with her husband, two son (and one on the way!), Nora the Doberman, and Phoebe the Cat (who thinks she is a ninja in disguise). She is the author of twelve novels, including the USA Today bestseller, Fate and Fury.  Quinn is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her. Some of her hobbies include reading, exercising, crochet, and spending time with family and friends. She gives all credit of her success to God because he gave her the creative spirit and vivid imagination it takes to write.

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BOOK TOUR: Review: “Ignite the Shadows” by Ingrid Seymour

Ignite the Shadows by Ingrid SeymourA review by Amanda.

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. I would like to thank author Ingrid Seymour for the opportunity to review Ignite The Shadows.

Marci Guerrero has been battling a terrifying illness for most of her life. Her mother calls it epilepsy, although that’s never been diagnosed. Marci secretly suspects that she might be possessed, or worse, insane. When her emotions run high, something inside of Marci tries to take control of her thoughts, her movements, everything. To Marci, it feels like shadows are overtaking her very being. No one knows the depth of Marci’s condition, not even her best friend Xave.

When Marci and Xave run across a diverse group of people who call themselves IgNiTe while spying on Xave’s older brother, Marci has the chance to learn the awful truth about the shadows – they are parasites who have infected at least half of the world. These parasites creep into an unsuspecting human’s brain and take complete control over their “hosts” within days – usually. What makes Marci, and others like her, unique is their ability to resist the takeover. IgNiTe’s enigmatic leader, James, might have the answers that Marci has been hoping for.

To be honest, I was hesitant to start this book. The premise was intriguing, but the potential for disappointment was high. Science fiction, especially for young adults, is a tricky genre. The science has to be plausible and the plot interesting enough to balance it out. Too much scientific explanation can make a story dry, not enough makes it feel inauthentic. Ignite The Shadows managed to find the perfect balance between the two, while giving its characters depth and distinct traits. Romance has its place but does not dominate the plot. Rather, it sneaks up on the reader with small hints here and there. I devoured this book in one sitting and am eagerly awaiting the next one (I’m really hoping there is a next one)!

Rating: 5/5 stars.

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Book & Author details:

 Ignite The Shadows by Ingrid Seymour
(Ignite The Shadows #1)
Published by: HarperVoyager
Publication date: April 23rd 2015
Genres: Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Marci Guerrero is one of the best teen hackers in Seattle. However, she’d give up all her talents to know she isn’t crazy.

Marci feels possessed by what she perceives as shadowy spectres that take control of her body and make her do crazy things. While spying on the clandestine group known as IgNiTe, she’s confronted by the leader, James McCray. His presence stirs the spectres inside her brain into a maddening frenzy. Her symptoms and ability to control them don’t go unnoticed by James, who soon recruits her and shows her the awful truth.

Half of the world’s population is infected by sentient parasites. They bind themselves to the human brain and replace the pathways for all thoughts and actions. The creatures then morph their hosts into grotesque monsters with extraordinary strengths. Winged, clawed, fanged half-humans become living nightmares. Now Marci wishes she was crazy, because the truth is worse.

She’s infected.

Ingrid Seymour AUTHOR BIO:

Ingrid Seymour is the author of IGNITE THE SHADOWS (Harper Voyager, April 23rd, 2015). When she’s not writing books, she spends her time working as a software engineer, cooking exotic recipes, hanging out with her family and working out. She writes young adult and new adult fiction in a variety of genres, including Sci-Fi, urban fantasy, romance, paranormal and horror.

Her favorite outings involve a trip to the library or bookstore where she immediately gravitates toward the YA section. She’s an avid reader and fangirl of many amazing books. She is a dreamer and a fighter who believes perseverance and hard work can make dreams come true.

She lives in Birmingham, AL with her husband, two kids and a cat named Mimi.

Author links:
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