Review: “Wither” by Amy Miles

Wither by Amy MilesA review by Amanda.

Twenty year old Avery Whitlock is familiar with the stress and hardships that life can throw at the unsuspecting. Her family is in shambles, her mother lies dying in the hospital, and guilt is the only thing keeping Avery at her bedside; guilt, and a semblance of safety. A plague-like illness has swept through America, killing millions. The government’s response,a vaccine, has had a terrible side effect – it turns the affected into shambling, decomposing, zombie-esque shadows of people, called the Withered Ones. Avery stays at the hospital with her mother, thinking that it’s the logical choice if she gets ill, until survivors raid for supplies and a stranger unexpectedly comes to her rescue. Thus begins Avery’s harrowing adventure into an apocalyptic world.
Wither was action-packed from the very beginning, although terse sentences and awkwardly formal word use slowed the reading process down a bit. The formal-sounding speech patterns continued throughout and became easier to overlook as the reader was drawn into the story. Fans of The Walking Dead will recognize its influence on the theme and plot. It came across as a tribute rather than a rip-off, which was refreshing. Even though this was described as a zombie apocalypse story, the focus was very much on the living and how different people react in catastrophic situations. Avery quickly discovered that she had more to fear from other survivors than the Withered Ones, which is one of the main themes it shares with The Walking Dead. This was not a happy story, but it was an intense and intriguing one. There are violent scenes, graphic descriptions, and sexual encounters. “Wither” is book one of this new series; a release date for book two has not been set.

My rating: 3/5 stars.

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